Special processing

We pay attention to every detail: from the precision of the cut to the quality of the surface finish.

Special processing is one of the main strengths of the THEDA MAR-MARMOSIM Group team.

Before being assembled, natural stone has to undergo the processing process – a complex stage that takes place in the production workshop. In addition, in order to be used successfully in any interior design project, natural stone must be available in different shapes and sizes, adapted to the needs of the customers.

One of the most important processes for processing natural stone blocks is cutting. Water jet cutting can process any material without vapour or dust.

In addition, the automatic nesting module and the cutting module with common lines between two adjoining joints offer optimal material sheet utilisation, reducing technological losses.

These are, in fact, the most important advantages offered by our team of specialists eager to meet even the most demanding requirements in terms of refinement and elegance.