Street furniture, paving

We pay attention to every detail: from the precision of the cut to the quality of the surface finish.

Natural stone is a material that can be used successfully both indoors and outdoors, being recognized for its strength and beauty.

In addition to durability and strength, natural stone can also give a special look to access elements, which is the main reason why it is being perfectly integrated into more and more urban projects. Natural stone paving allows, first of all, the creation of an easy-to-use all-season roadway, without the accumulation of dirt or mud on rainy days. In addition to durability and good looks, natural stone paving has another great advantage: the repair process is simple and easy.

In fact, the urban landscape can be embellished at any time with pieces of furniture made of natural stone, and here we are not only talking about big cities, parks or heavily frequented areas, but any corner that can receive a new breath, both in terms of utility and aesthetics. Street benches, for example, are more than useful, especially for those who appreciate quality walks and breaks.

In order to achieve a harmonious design in terms of the urban landscape, it is important to determine at the design stage the type of furniture, as well as the way in which the pathways and seating areas will be paved.