Floors with special design

We pay attention to every detail: from the precision of the cut to the quality of the surface finish.

The first design element you notice when you walk into a room is the floor, and if we are talking about large spaces or rooms that aim to be recognized for elegance and good taste found in the fine details, natural stone plays an essential role in the design project.

Renowned for its resistance, but also for the ease with which it can be maintained, natural stone is considered the star of great interior design projects. In addition, the development of technology and the passion of dedicated people has made possible the emergence of specially designed floors. Marble, for example, is often used to cover floors in spacious rooms, and more often than not, our customers opt to create a special design – a touch of elegance that perfectly matches the intense shine of natural stone tiles.

The unique character offered to rooms is given by the uniqueness of the designs, carefully created by our specialists in specially designed floors.